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1.  What is BattleBeast Breedables?
BattleBeast Breadables is one of the most innovative and unique breedable animals in Second Life!  It is an exciting and engaging fun SL experience that combines breeding, battling and role playing.

You can read some of the historical account, or “backstory” here.

2.  How do BattleBeast Breedables dragons work?
The breeding aspects are similar, in some ways, to other SL breedable animals and pets, so in many ways they are familiar and easy to use. What’s new is that there are breedable traits that are valuable for gaming, as well as traits that affect the dragon appearance and behavior.  Feel free to browse the Dragon Handbook to learn more.

3.  Can you tell us more about the gaming?
The gaming is turn-based and HUD-driven, as owners challenge each other and their dragons go one-on-one in battle. Battle can be done in your home sim, a sandbox, or a special tournament arena.   The battle moves are easy-to-learn, and the HUD gives you access to familiar gaming concepts such as:  levelling, damage, strength, stamina, hit points, etc.

4.  Why have a breedable and a gaming animal together in one?
The concept is to have the breeding and the gaming be beneficial to each other.

The breeding may produce traits which affect that animal’s ability to win in battle. These combat traits may be passed on to their young, as with regular traits.  … Better breeding means better battle.

Similarly, combat experience, levels, tournament wins, etc. may increase that animal’s ability to mate and produce special offspring, producing regular traits, combat traits, and rare animals. … Better battle means better breeding.

5.  How long can the dragons mate?
Our breedable dragons can mate as soon as they reach 7 days and until they reach 180 days old.

6.  How often can they mate?
It takes them 3 days to gain Desire, and the males drop to 0% and immediately begin to regain their Desire . They can mate about 2 times a week.  The females are pregnant for about 3 days, then have a 3 day recovery period before they start gaining desire again.

7.  How long can the dragons battle?
The dragons can begin to battle at age 5 days and can battle until they reach 250 days old, as long as vigour and euphoria are equal to or greater than 50%.

8.  Can the female dragons battle, too?
Yes, they can; even when pregnant and recovering from having given birth!

9.  How many prims do the dragons take?
The dragons are currently 21 prims, with some plans to lower than, in the near future. They are currently sculpt-based, and we are watching the progress of mesh deployment within SL to determine when we might migrate some details to mesh.

10.  Do I need the crystal at this point? Will my dragon be healthy if i do not have it rezzed?
At this point the crystal is not essential to the heath or function of your dragon. It does have a fun feature of alerting you to that fact that your dragons are ready to mate.

In the future we have plans to make the crystal an integral part of the BattleBeast game. Watch for future notices.

11.  Where can I find the BattleBeasts?
They are available at our Main Store location,  or by visiting any of our Affiliate Locations.

12.  How much will dragons cost?
You can check out our products list and prices by clicking here.

13.  How do I find out more information?
We’re glad you asked!  Please Search in SL for the group “BattleBeast Breedables” (SL search page).
The team will keep the group members updated with information on a regular basis through SL Group Notices, and also by posting updates here on the web site.

14.  Can you tell us more about the BattleBeast team?
We are a team with broad experience in SL with skills as: artists, scripters, breeders, gamers, marketing and community relations, customer support, with a variety of breedable secondary-market skills.  Our focus and obsession is to make this an enjoyable and worthwhile aspect of the breedables in SL.

Questions can be sent to:  BattleBeastSupp@gmail.com