In the BattleBeast Breedables NEWS


The DRAGONS are battling!  yes, you read it right.  Today BattleBeast Resident issued a group notice (if you’re not in the group, you should be) and he said the words we’ve all been waiting for, “The Battle is ON!”  In the next few days, we’ll be adding new moves, new sounds, some fun effects to battle… beyond what was in Beta battle. Watch for further info about that. When you’re logged in, please check in our group notices and read Battle’s notecard about this exciting feature and what’s in store for future enhancements. Keep your eyes on this website for upcoming community battle tournament info and results.  How’s that for some exciting news?

Keep up with BattleBeast happenings here and in our SL group: BattleBeast Breedables

Other BattleBeast news..   we had our first contest. Yep.. we did!  Best Dragon Pick-Up lines.  Wynter issued a group notice that said she sure got a lot of entries and she enjoyed them immensely.  I can only imagine what she got or how tough it was to choose.  But, someone HAS  to do it and the results are about to be revealed here, too!

FIRST PLACE — Lyliath Python — I’m sorry I’m not sure what color your eyes are, I have been staring at your curvaceous tail.

SECOND PLACE — Xavian Starsider — Hey, good looking. Let’s set our homes to the same point. You walk clockwise, and I’ll walk counter-clockwise and when we come face to face…..rawrrrrr!

THIRD PLACE — Ryleigh Carnell — Your Cave or Mine I think you could be the one to Tame this Dragon

Each of our awesome winners will receive trophies created by Keichimaru Murakami and Hikari Vixen.  Thank you to both for taking the time to make the fantastic trophies! In addition, Lyliath will receive that promised 3-pack of Dragons!

Next Contest:  the Come-Backs to the Dragon Pick-Up Lines!!  Winners announced at the end of next week!  This ought to be good..  can’t wait!

also, in the news.. a reminder, There are a few avenues for you to market your amazing beasts.  We have an inworld group called, BattleBeast Breedables Advertising – Official and you are welcome to join it and post your dragons for sale or announce your auctions and markets.  Also remember to check out our Forums, where you are able to list them in the market or trade them, too.  That’s it for now..  Happy Dragon Trails to all!

A DRAGON-sized WELCOME to BattleBeast Breedables!

WOW!  The DRAGON Launch festivities were GREAT this past weekend.  It was truly enjoyable for the BBB crew to be able to get out and about, mingling with the community as they came out  to hunt for crystals, dance and enjoy great music, and play games.  Perhaps most of the fun might just have been more of that awesome DRAGON chat that’s already making our BattleBeast Breedables SL group warm, inviting and an enjoyable place to be.  Either way, it’s a sure thing..  BattleBeast Breedables is launched, and moving forward to being an entertaining and successful Experience in Second life and with the BBB community.  Thanks to our Affiliates and to our group for the amazing welcome.  Thank you to both our Closed and Open BETA participants..  your input was heard and utilized and we appreciate you greatly.

Sentiments came pouring in from the excited and enthused BattleBeast staff!  “I am encouraged by the reception and feedback we’re getting!  People are enthusiastic about what we’ve created and they’re excited that they get to give feedback and help evolve this line of breedables!”, said BattleBeast Resident.  Wynter Sommer added, “ yes!!  “What an amazing launch weekend we had!  The enthusiam and support we received from the growing BattleBeast Breedables community made all the hard work so worth it!  We look forward to expanding our BBB family!”  “It was a lot of fun and the energy I feel around the dragons is addicting,” said Marketing Director, Andi Canare.  I’m happy to be out of BETA and ready to see lots of dragon babies and battles all over the grid!”  Nynaveve Wirefly,  BattleBeasts Community Liaison said, “Our community is awesome, they are great fun, loaded with questions, and super excited about the BattleBeasts.  I’m really honored to be a part of it all.”  BattleBeast Artist, Eleanora Newell chimed in too! “What a great community we have,” she said!  “So many came to celebrate the dragons and it was exciting to see their enthusiasm and hear their many questions.  It’s also heartwarming to see them enjoy the dragons.  One person had me come over to see the little home he’s made for his baby, giving me her name and how cute she looks when she hovers over her home.  It’s been wonderful to be involved with this project and now to see the community welcome it into their second lives; it’s just a real honor.”

Be sure to join the new forums, found on this website and as the BattleBeast Experience grows, share in the fun,  and absolutely share your thoughts and ideas with us.  We want to hear them!  We now also have a support ticket system in place for any BattleBeast  issues you may encounter.   What a great Welcome to the year of the DRAGON for BattleBeast fans, friends, family..  and we are just getting STARTED!  .. to be continued..

it’s Time for a DRAGON Launch Celebration!


After months of planning and lots of concentrated effort the BattleBeast team is ready to launch it’s first creation, the BattleBeast Dragon!  Friday, March 9th, at 3pm will kick off the beginning of a launch party that will continue through Saturday, the 10th.  We hope to see you, to meet you and to celebrate with you.. it’s time to begin the Year of the Dragon!

Dates: March 9 & 10

Visit the Main Store for fun at the BattleBeast Breedables launch  Random prizes givers, get into the raffle for a Dragon 3-pack, enjoy Dragon Battle Demonstrations, Game Booths and more!  Participate in the BBB Hunt which starts at the Main Store and travels to each of our Premier Locations, too!

Make plans to visit our Premier Locations for music and dance. The schedule is below!

BattleBeast Breedables Celebrations – Music & Dancing: (all times are SLT)

Fri, Mar 9th –

4-5pm: DJ Bard Wasp @ MIDDY’s Battlebeast Dragons Store & Sales –

6-8pm: DJ Shayla Juran @ Rainbow’s End Breedables –

8-10pm: DJ RedHawk Chronowire @ Xxtreme Breedables –

Sat, Mar 10th –

9-10am: DJ Shayla Juran @ The Knights of BattleBeast –

Noon – 2pm: DJ Mixie Leigh @ Divine Dragons at Serena Becuma –

2-3pm: Damian Carbenell @ Blue Fusion –

3-5pm: DJ Ben Shutt @ GeneSys Breedables –