DRAGONS.. a Month in Review


BattleBeast Breedables has reached the end of its first month since the company launched its beast on March 9th.  The BattleBeast dragon emerged into Second Life with a majestic and awesome, powerful and loyal entrance.. it is not just a breedable, it is a battling, evolving creature of personality and mystical surprises.  During its short life the group has grown steadily, bringing a friendly and welcoming community of Dragon lovers to BattleBeast Breedables.  After a weekend of music, games and festivities, the launch party ended and BattleBeast was off and running.. or flying, as the case may be.

In evolving their three-fold concept of breedables mixed with battle mixed with roleplay, the announcement was delivered mid-March that dragon battling was on.  Soon after, dragon owners began to challenge one another to battles and to design tournaments that feature the dragons world of experience points, stamina, and health stats. At a Q&A session during the month, BattleBeast Resident displayed a piece of armor worn on the head of one of his dragons.  One could see that the battle concept of these dragons is just beginning and there are some fun aspects beginning to surface.  “We are providing the base, the beginning of battle,” said BattleBeast, “ and looking to our community to let us know what they need from us, to make the Battle Experience what they’d like it to be.”  “We are listening to them and love the input and direction they are providing.”

Around mid-March, dragoneers also began to discover the power of the crystals, FREE to anyone at the main store and also available in the dragon starter packs.  One of the most often asked questions, it seems that  there may be hidden secrets about the crystal still remaining, but we WERE given a peek into what they do.  What DO the crystals DO?  We’ll share with you the top ten most asked questions, including that one and the facts that we’ve discovered, later.

The fun continued when the best Dragon Pick Up Lines contest was opened for entries in mid-March.  That was followed with the Best Comeback to the Pick Up Lines contest and both drew some great responses.  All winners were awarded  wonderful trophies created by Keichimaru Murakami and Hikari Vixen.  Rumor is that future contests will involve a lottery crystal of some sort and will award random gifts to a dragoneer on occasion.  hmmm yet another awesome crystal power….

Speaking of rumors..  has anyone heard talk of BattleBeast dragon gold?  As all dragon-lovers know, dragons stockpile gold and those who dare try to steal from their lair face a grave battle, indeed.  This leads one to wonder.. about this rumor of gold.  Will the dragon bring gold to their master, as a gift?  will it be earned?  battled for? What power or favor would this gold bring its owner?  Dragoneers are still unveiling the power of the crystals, they don’t yet know all the truths hidden in them and now it sounds like another dragon reward is around the BattleBeast corner!

Moving on to the end of the month, The BattleBeast breeders were treated to a touch of spring when an LE Dragon was sold for a limited time.  This Limited Edition special dragon brought three spring coat colors along with a spring eye, all of them passable new variations of the coat and eye traits.  BattleBeast Breedables also participated in the grid-wide Spring Fever Breedables Hunt, when they provided a glimpse of the Spring LE Dragon in the form of a dragon statue.

The BattleBeast staff continues to stay busy in the dragon lab planning, improving and listening to suggestions brought to them from the imaginations of their awesome community.  “It is exciting to move to the next step”, says Marketing Director Andi Canare.  “The experience of our group members and dragoneers is one of the things that keeps us enthused to make our beasts better; to grow and evolve him into being even more.”  “We are planning the next reveal of dragon growth and development, added Wynter Sommer, “but of course, you’ll have to keep your eyes and ears open for what and when they will be released.  Suffice it to say, our BattleBeast Resident is showing no sign of slowing down, rather he’s fast forward, full speed ahead.”   What will the next 30 days bring?  Well, the community and the dragon will help determine that, but among fundraising for Relay For Life with their team, Dragons For a Cure, taking part in the upcoming Home & Garden Expo’s Breedable Fair and the grid-wide Nature’s Hunt (fantasy edition) they ARE definltely looking ahead and flying forward.  Stay tuned…

Top Ten  BattleBeast Questions

Question 1: What is that crystal for?!

Answer: This is probably one of our most common questions. So here is the answer. The Yellow crystal is currently the most common. It glows when a male is ready to mate, and it sends sparkles to a female as she gets pregnant. We also have additional crystal colors which will act as a type of “lottery” related to time. If a certain crystal is near a dragon in pregnancy recovery, sometimes – not all the time – it being there will speed up the recovery time. Or, if a different colored crystal is near a female getting pregnant, it being there will sometimes – not all the time – improve her chances of having a more rare trait.

Question 2: Does fighting (battling) unlock any traits?

Answer: No, if a trait does not already exist in a beast’s genetics, then it will not suddenly appear.
However, battling has other benefits for breeding. As you get higher in Level and XP from Battle it will change the affect the genetic mixing has when that dragon mates. So the more rare traits that might be carried in that dragon – Visible or Hidden – have a better chance of coming out.

Question 3: My computer and connection are slow. Does this mean I am at a disadvantage for battling?

Answer: No! Right now, our battling is turn-based, not real time. Therefore none of your genetics or your battling will be affected by the quality of your computer or your connection speed.

Question 4: Is there a dragon “haven” or a way to send off our “unwanteds”?

Answer: Yes, it’s called the “Beyond” and its already a button in your dragon’s menu. (More -> Beyond) However, it is not yet active. We are hoping to have that available sometime in April.

Question 5: How old do the Dragons have to be to mate, and how long can they breed?

Answer: They are old enough to breed at 7 days, and will continue to breed until they are 180 days.There is no limit to the number of eggs they may have in this time period. Pregnant females may battle; there is no restriction on battling.

Question 6: How long can the dragons battle:

Answer: They can begin to battle at 5 days of age and will continue until 250 days old, as long as they maintain vigour and euphoria greater than or equal to 50%. We may look into extending battle for Ancients in the future.

Question 7: How often do they mate?

Answer: It takes both male and female 3 days to gain desire. After mating, the male drops to 0 and begins to regain desire immediately. The males can mate about 2 times a week. The female is pregnant for 3 days, then will have a 3 day recovery period before beginning to regain desire.

Question 8: These things are awesome and I want in! Where do I find the BattleBeasts?

Answer: Come visit us at our mainstore located at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/
La%20Terrasa/238/130/22 or stop by our website, www.battlebeastbreedables.com

Question 9: Tell us about BattleBeasts Customer Support System?

Answer: A ticket can always be filed at our website at www.battlebeastbreedables.com/ticket and one of our support team will respond promptly and the issue will be handled as soon as possible.  You can also join our group, BattleBeast Breedables and chat with our awesome community.  We have a tremendously friendly and helpful community.

Question 10: Why are you called BattleBeasts and not BattleDragons?

Answer: Because there might be other beasts in the future! We want to take this wherever it might go.