New Update, wearable dragons, Breath traits, a Raffle… lots of fun!

Last week was an exciting and busy week for the BattleBeast Breedables dragon breeders in SL!

The development and testing team completed work on Update v1.9.4, so it’s now available at all the BBB Stores. Release Notes for the update were posted in a Group Notice, or ask someone in the BattleBeast Breedables main chat group for a copy of the Notecard.

We’ve always known the dragons were magical, and they’re now showing off their ability to be worn on your avatar! This latest update add an ability for you to wear your dragons. Just right-click “Wear” to have the dragon perch on your shoulder. Any size dragon (from Tiny up to Legendary) will scale down to a special temporary “wearable” size – and not lose it’s actual Size trait. (To have it resume it’s actual, use “Drop” to rez it on the ground (or skybox/platform), or “Detach” to have it return to your SL Inventory.) While worn by your avatar, your dragon can eat, mate, battle, and TP with you when you travel to auctions and other places. (Note: Pregnant females who reach 100% of their pregnancy term while worn will wait until you rez them on the ground, to drop their eggs. Just seems like the proper thing to do. Would you like a fresh dragon egg on your head?  Heck, no! ;))

Breath traits – introduced some time ago, hadn’t propogated as expected. We’ve heard a story about a programming bug, but we suspect it was that the dragon makers hadn’t issued the proper magical incantation (yep, that’s the story! ;)). We’ve now confirmed that Fire and other Breath traits are being seen in some new dragons eggs the last few days, so we’re glad the wizards got that all sorted out. We’ve heard about Fire, Ice, Acid, and Gas, so far… stay tuned for more.

Last Saturday, we held a Q&A Session at the lovely Brawnz Isles region.  Great questions, ideas, and suggestions – it’s very much part of the dragon breeder community, and we always enjoy a chance to hang out with the breeders and dragon fans!  Part of the fun was a raffle: two lucky attendees each received a brand-new baby Tiny (Size trait) dragon. Congratulations to the winners!
(Rumor has it Wynter leaked some info about v2.0 dragons, but… we don’t seem to have any notes on the specifics ;))