Shareable Food, Update v1.8, More Hybrids, New Sizes spotted on the Grid!

Shareable Food is now available!

One of the often-requested “wish list” items has been shareable food. The new food with a “sharing” drop-down menu is now available (v1.7) in all the Stores, and on the SL Marketplace.

When the food owner touches touches Eucommia or Ligustrum, it will give you drop-down menu choices:  Owner, Group, or All

Owner – Only the dragon’s owned by the food owner by eat this food
Group – Any dragon in the same SL group as this food, can eat this food
All – Any dragon can eat this food (so beware!)

Update v1.8-P

We’ve recently made Updater v1.8-P available. (As before “-P” means you can also update Pregnant dragons with it).
The most recent Updater is always available at any of the BattleBeast Breedables Affiliate locations.

Update v1.8-P contains:

  • Bug fixes for coupling and stats
  • Additional measures to negate the impact of SL’s “Region Idling”
  • Extends the time frame for the dragons to eat “original food” (v1.02) for a while longer
  • Introduces four new Hybrid Dualtone breed combinations

New Hybrid DualTones

Four new Hybrid Dualtone breed combinations were introduced in version v1.8:

  • White scaled & Pink feathered
  • White scaled & Purple feathered
  • Black scaled & Pink feathered
  • Black scaled & Purple feathered

All of these new Hybrids are on display at the Main Store.  Stop by and see which one you like best!

New Sizes spotted on the Grid!

Congrats to Basona Melody for breeding out the first Legendary size dragon on the Grid!
A Legendary is one size larger than the Guardian dragons. Word has it she got the Legendary from
breeding two Guardians together.

We’ve also left a clue… in the Main Store area, about another size dragon not yet birthed out. 😉

Battle Tournaments  being organized

Several groups are starting their own Battle tournaments and ‘fight night’-style events.
Check the Tournaments tab here online, for event locations and schedules.