Beyond is open – Angelic Beyond Limited now available!

The BattleBeast Breedables community is buzzing about the opening of  “The Beyond”.
The Beyond is like “dragon heaven” – where an old or unwanted (*sniff, sniff*) dragons can be sent, in exchange for Dragon Gold Points (DGP).

Dragons can be sent to the Beyond by using the dragon touch-menus: More / Beyond. A confirmation dialog will tell you how many DGP would be credited to your account, if you send the dragon to the Beyond.

There will be a series of Limited Edition dragons available ONLY from your dragon points.
We are pleased to be able to show you the very first one: The Angelic Beyond Limited,
which has a special “Golden Beyond Limited” eye (which might be by breeding).

Angelic Beyond gallery

Important: Dragons which are sent to Beyond cannot be retrieved. Once they are sent to Beyond – they are gone!

Each of the Premier Store locations has a Beyond Vendor – which will vend items, in exchange from DGP from your account.
On the vendor, you can touch “My Points”, to find out your currently available DGP balance.
To be get the list of what you can exchange for DGP, touch “Pricelist”.